Manage Your Student Life With Style

A simple and adaptable Notion dashboard designed to manage your student life with ease.

Get better grades with less effort.

Designed for students of all types, whether in high school or studying a master's degree.

Set-up in 2 minutes. No wasted time.

Spend less time managing your student life and more time enjoying it... I mean, studying.

Select from 5 themes

Suit your aesthetic preferences with a selection of 5 dashboard themes in both light & dark modes.

Manage your classes, tasks, and assessments

Stay on top of your deadlines by scheduling your tasks & assessments for each class on the calendar.

Track your daily habits

Use the habit tracker to make small 1% improvements each day towards your goals.

Practice spaced repetition

Create flashcards for each subject and use the repetition tracker to practice spaced repetition.

Sync notes from your phone to your dashboard

Quickly add new notes while you're on the go and organize them later when you're on your computer again.

9 Notion Templates to manage your life.classes.assessments.tasks.

9 Included templates designed to become your go-to systems for managing each aspect of your student life.

A more productiveorganizedefficientoptimized life awaits you.

The Student OS is not just a dashboard, but a commitment to your future self for a more organized and fun uni experience.


This Student OS dashboard has helped over 500+ students organize their lives and get better grades.


No subscriptions. One price for lifetime access.

Student OS Dashboard


✓ All-in-one dashboard

✓ 9 Individual templates

✓ Full dashboard guide

✓ Access to lifetime updates

Hi, I'm Chris

I'm the Notion Certified creator behind this Student OS Dashboard.

I'm a Notion YouTuber with over 2 years of experience creating Notion templates that have helped over 80 000+ customers worldwide, and weekly YouTube videos helping my 25 000+ subscribers master Notion.

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